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Prepare for Any Major Project with GPR-based CCTV Pipe Inspection

If you’ve experienced sewer or stormwater pipe issues, it may be time to consider CCTV pipe inspection. Defects can appear anywhere along the pipeline, so there’s no point in digging wildly and hoping for the best. With our technology, we can help you locate and isolate defects before repairing them. Continue reading below to learn how CCTV and ground-penetrating radar can work.   Read more

Orbital Underground Service Location Offers Cable Location Services Brisbane

Orbital Underground Service Location has been helping our clients find buried utility lines before they did, saving property and saving lives but our industry-leading equipment can perform cable location services in Brisbane. When you need to cut into concrete as part of a new construction or when attempting to repair underground services, knowing about the existence of any subsurface.   Read more

Orbital Underground Service Location Offers Electrical Fault Finding

For over 13 years, Orbital Underground Service Location has been helping our clients undertake excavation work with confidence. We know the location of any underground cables or pipes with our state of the art equipment, but we also offer electrical fault finding. Underground power communication cables can be safer than above-ground wires and less prone to adverse weather.  Read more

Know What Lies Beneath with Ground Penetrating Radar in Gold Coast

Every serious excavation project calls for ground-penetrating radar in Gold Coast to avoid utility line and service cable damage. Not everyone knows the best places to contact to receive help with this service, nor the proper equipment to use in preparation for a dig.  Read more

Orbital Underground Service Location Provides Pipe Locators in Brisbane

For the last 13 years, Orbital Underground Service Location has offered subsurface scanning for our clients, giving them the confidence they need to dig safe in the knowledge they will not cause any damage to subsurface utilities. We are also pipe locators in Brisbane, and when you need to find underground services, don’t rely on guesswork and random digging, possibly unearthing other.  Read more


Get the Right Tools with Underground Locating Equipment for Sale

If you have any earthmoving, landscaping, or underground service repair projects in your future, then you should find the best underground locating equipment for sale. This equipment can help you avoid potential hazards and ensure that you accurately dig at the correct locations. Orbital Underground Service Location has the equipment you need to make your projects a success.  Read more


Use Underground Service Locators to Avoid Accidents and Broken Cables

Any contractor or homeowner’s worst nightmare becomes a realistic possibility when they start a project without underground service locators. From the first moment that a shovel or digging machine pierces the ground, there’s a cloud of risk and doubt that hangs over the project.  Read more


Orbital Underground Service Location Proudly Offers Non-destructive Vacuum Excavation

Orbital Underground Service Location is well known for our work with ground-penetrating radar to help find hazards for our clients before they dig and we also offer non-destructive vacuum excavation. An often-overlooked aspect of our work, vacuum excavation uses pressurised water and a high flow rate of fast-moving air to remove earth without destruction to the surface or utilities.  Read more