Orbital Underground Service Location - City View at Night

Service Locations

Orbital Underground Service Location uses EMF technology to locate services without disturbing existing conditions. Either by direct connection, induction or tracing copper rod inserts this is the most cost-effective method, as its small size makes it easy to use for long distances and confined spaces and its ability to locate conductors makes it the best method for locating underground services.
Using this technology we are able to locate your common services.

  • Telstra & communications cables
  • Metal & PVC pipes
  • Gas mains & related services
  • Sewer pipes
  • Stormwater pipes

We are a fully accredited Dial Before You Dig locators


Fault Location

From large inner city buildings to the residential household, our power supplies are increasingly going underground. Occasionally, these services suffer from underground faults that result in the power being cut off when the breaker trips. When this happens, you can either replace the cable, or find the fault and make a cost-effective repair. Power, telecommunications and data are all located using the same method.
Starting with this standard locate we are then able to pinpoint the fault accurately with the use of an “A” frame locator. Cable Fault location can be carried out on:

  • Telstra cables
  • Data cables
  • Electrical supplies