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Electrical Fault Finding

Orbital Underground Service Location Offers Electrical Fault Finding

For over 13 years, Orbital Underground Service Location has been helping our clients undertake excavation work with confidence. We know the location of any underground cables or pipes with our state of the art equipment, but we also offer electrical fault finding. Underground power communication cables can be safer than above-ground wires and less prone to adverse weather and environmental conditions until there is a fault. You can trust our experienced team with pinpointing the flaw and repairing the cable at that point, offering a quicker and less expensive repair than the traditional solutions.


Tips Regarding Confined Space Access

Fault finding and our other underground services often require time spent in confined spaces. These spaces come with specific risks that make working in them dangerous without the proper equipment and training. If your job involves work in a confined space, here are a few reasons to call us and let our experienced team handle it safely and securely:

  • The biggest issue with confined spaces comes from a lack of ventilation. Deadly gasses such as radon are heavier than air, so they tend to collect in underground areas. Carbon monoxide is another potential danger in confined spaces, and it is odourless and tasteless which makes it difficult to know it’s there until it is too late.
  • Explosive gasses are also heavier than air and when they collect in high enough amounts, the risk of a reaction rises as does the potential damage. Trusting one of our professional teams to handle your confined space work is the best way to prevent these potential issues.
  • While we do not expect the need for a rescue with our confined space work, we understand that when it is needed, these spaces require specialised training and equipment. Safety is our first responsibility, and when we undertake this work, we come prepared to handle any potential problems.


What Sets Orbital Underground Service Location Apart Regarding Fault Finding Techniques

Using the traditional methods to replace an underground electrical fault, a new cable has to be pulled through the entire conduit, assuming this is possible. If it is not, replacing the faulty component requires extensive excavation, removing the entire conduit and replacing it at substantial cost and inconvenience for you. Our methods are more focused on providing the following benefits:

  • We work hand in hand with the “dial before you dig” campaign and hold the required certifications in that program.
  • We use cutting edge, market-leading equipment to locate the precise location of the fault with no excavation and minimal penetration of the surface. Our confidence in our equipment is so high; we use the same models as those we sell.
  • Once we have located the fault, you can perform a small excavation, just large enough to fix the fault itself. One of our related services is vacuum excavation which can easily remove dirt with minimal surface damage.