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Ground Penetrating Radar Gold Coast

Know What Lies Beneath with Ground Penetrating Radar in Gold Coast

Every serious excavation project calls for ground-penetrating radar in Gold Coast to avoid utility line and service cable damage. Not everyone knows the best places to contact to receive help with this service, nor the proper equipment to use in preparation for a dig.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Ground Penetrating Radar in Gold Coast

Because it doesn’t frequently come up for anyone other than excavation companies, many people haven’t considered what’s involved in exploring beneath the ground before starting to dig. Consider these common issues that you can avoid by working with Orbital Underground Service Location: 

  • Not all equipment is made to the same quality standards. When you’re trying to find the perfect equipment for your work, you should have confidence that you’re purchasing machines that won’t let you down. Our team offers the best endorsement possible for our equipment: these are the same machines that we use ourselves when helping our clients.
  • Our service isn’t just for either commercial or residential clients. Whether you’re a homeowner working on a DIY project or an excavation business that wants to avoid bursting a water or gas pipe, then we can help you with the service or equipment you need.
  • Certification matters – especially when it comes to cable and line locators. Any damage to those cables can negatively impact entire neighbourhoods and communities, so you must rely on certified, accredited, and authorised cable and line locators.

If you avoid these standard trip-ups, then you’ll be in good shape to handle any excavation project on your property.


Tips Regarding Dial Before You Dig in Brisbane

We work hand-in-hand with Dial Before You Dig, the national referral service designed to prevent damage or disruption to Australia’s infrastructure.

  • If you accidentally dig into any service line, you expose yourself to personal risk. A high-pressure release could seriously harm or kill you, and many pipes’ contents are flammable.
  • Even if you’re not in personal danger from damaging a service line or cable, you could be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Such financial liability is often far more than anyone wants to take on unnecessarily, so you should take the proper precautions to dig only in safe locations.
  • Work with a niche company that’s focused on the service you need. You might want to rely on a handyman for general services, but when it comes time to build a house from scratch, you should trust those who have expertise specifically in construction. Similarly, you can count on us for premier ground penetrating radar in Brisbane that ensures you’re digging in the right spots.


Why Trust Orbital Underground Service Location Regarding Dial Before You Dig in the Sunshine Coast

We’ve been serving everywhere from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas for 13 years. Everyone must know what lies underground before they dig, so we offer a free quote to help you start the process and know the costs before you commit. Contact us today to discuss your project.