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Underground Locating Equipment for Sale

Get the Right Tools with Underground Locating Equipment for Sale

If you have any earthmoving, landscaping, or underground service repair projects in your future, then you should find the best underground locating equipment for sale. This equipment can help you avoid potential hazards and ensure that you accurately dig at the correct locations. Orbital Underground Service Location has the equipment you need to make your projects a success.


The Importance of a Cable Locator for Sale in Australia

Several complications can arise when you start a digging project. Finding a reputable source of underground service locators for sale helps you address or prevent the following:

  • The worst possible outcome of an excavation project is that you break a water or sewer line, or sever an electrical cable. In either case, you can interrupt essential utility services to your home or office building, cause significant spillage into the adjacent ground, and add a substantial expense for which you did not initially budget.
  • In more typical circumstances, excavation must proceed exceptionally slowly to avoid causing accidental damage. This slow pace can cause project delays and balloon what should be a several-day task into multiple weeks. 
  • When trying to find precisely where there’s cable damage, you need to have clear-cut information of the cable’s depth and location. Our underground cable locator for sale gives you that information in an easy-to-understand readout.


Signs You Should Invest in Underground Service Locating Equipment

While it’s sometimes better to hire our services directly, there are other situations where it makes more sense to purchase the equipment from us. These are several signs you may want to invest in new equipment:

  • You regularly conduct excavation projects as part of your business with clients. It’s not economical to take the risk that you damage pipes or service lines, so it’s best to have the equipment on hand to ensure you’re digging at safe locations. 
  • You run a large business that owns its property or has a long-term lease. If you periodically upgrade the land or find that you need to address pipe issues, which is particularly relevant for older buildings, then this equipment can help you handle the work safely.
  • You’ve purchased similar equipment in the past but aren’t satisfied with the results. Whether you purchased used equipment or an untrustworthy brand, you need superior-quality machines to do the job correctly. Radiodetection produces some of the best underground detection machines on the market, so we can wholeheartedly encourage you to purchase their equipment from us.


What You Stand to Gain by Using Orbital Underground Service Location

We are here to help you dig safely and efficiently. Our team has exceptional experience and the right training to handle every kind of project you may need. We are Dial Before You Dig certified and also cleared to work both in confined spaces and at heights as required. Whether you need ground penetrating radar, CCTV pipe inspection, fault finding, or to purchase new equipment, we’re ready to help you. Contact us to discuss your upcoming projects and learn how we can help you stay safe and successful.