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Underground Service Locators

Use Underground Service Locators to Avoid Accidents and Broken Cables

Any contractor or homeowner’s worst nightmare becomes a realistic possibility when they start a project without underground service locators. From the first moment that a shovel or digging machine pierces the ground, there’s a cloud of risk and doubt that hangs over the project. When that metallic “clang” or crunching sound comes from down below, your mind immediately turns to the added costs associated with repairing a service line – a repair cost that was distinctly not in the initial budget.


Problems Underground Service Locators in the Sunshine Coast Address

You don’t have to take those risks, however. If you get the right equipment for underground utility location, there are several problems you can entirely prevent:

  • Underground cables and pipelines are always expensive to initially install and repairing them can be an even more costly prospect. You can use underground service locators in Brisbane to know where these lines are and prevent the risk of damaging them.
  • Aside from the task of repairing damaged lines, there’s also a real risk of harm to anyone near a high-pressure water line or gas line that becomes damaged during excavation. Consider using ground-penetrating radar and other service locators as a form of insurance against the physical risks.
  • Excavation projects depend on comprehensive knowledge of the service lines below the ground. Without that knowledge, your team necessarily moves more slowly to reduce risking damage to those lines. Even if you manage to avoid those risks, however, you can potentially delay your project for additional days or even weeks.

With the right tools, you can more safely and swiftly complete any excavation or repair project.


Benefits of Underground Utility Locating Services

There are numerous projects that our services can improve or simplify for you: 

  • If you need to diagnose and repair underground plumbing in Brisbane, our CCTV pipe inspection and ground-penetrating radar are essential to complete the task on time. Service interruptions pose a significant problem whether you’re working for a client or taking care of your own home.
  • Contractors can benefit by owning their equipment and keeping it in proper condition. Simplify your workflow and manage excavation projects every step of the way by relying on high-quality Radiodetection tools.
  • When you need to install underground lines in new construction or want the added security of underground power, telephone, or broadband cables, you need to dig carefully. Our equipment is ideal for streamlining these installation projects for you.


What You Stand to Gain by Using Orbital Underground Service Location

You can rely on us as accredited professionals who genuinely understand how underground service locators in the Gold Coast work best. Consider several reasons that we can give you distinct advantages in this regard:

  • Our team has certified training on how to use our equipment, including using them in confined spaces. Therefore, we are well-equipped to help you succeed in your tasks without risking damage to your pipelines and cables. 
  • We are Dial Before You Dig certified, so we’re recognised to be trustworthy providers of this essential service. Let us be your insurance against accidents and rely on the knowledge and excellence we’ve proven that we possess through our certifications. 
  • As a small business, we still provide the personal touch that comes with a dedicated team that works as a cohesive unit. When you speak with any of us, you’re effectively communicating with the entire team and getting the benefit of our collective knowledge and skillsets.


About Orbital Underground Service Location

We opened for business 13 years ago with one location serving the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, as well as the surrounding area. We’ve developed a reputation for trustworthiness, integrity, and quality work. Our team never stays idle, so we consistently improve our skills through continuing training. Because we understand the importance of high-quality equipment, we rely on trusted brands and maintain our stock of underground service machines in peak condition. Our love for the work we do means that we give every project our absolute focus, whether it’s a large project for a major corporation or a smaller inspection and repair job for an individual family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or find out which machine is ideal for your needs.