Orbital Underground Service Location - City View at Night

Orbital carries Before You Dig Certification which means we have the expertise to locate assets that are installed on public and on private properties that are at risk of damage around your dig site. Failing to carry out this critical step can lead to service interruptions, delays, and costly repairs, combined with the possibility of severe injury or death. We obtain plans and safety information from asset owners, interpret these plans and make you aware of your obligations when working around these assets before you start work, which can significantly minimise these risks. We offer a complete underground service location for your project by locating core infrastructure including telecommunications, gas, water, sewer, stormwater and underground power.

Additionally, you may need to know the internal condition of sewer or stormwater pipes both before and after excavation and building work to establish a baseline and make a comparison on completion. With our CCTV pipe inspection equipment, we can give you the information you need to achieve this and complete any build-over application requirements.

We also provide electrical fault location services that allow us to pinpoint failures in underground electrical installations and remove the need for expensive reinstallations by facilitating point repairs to these assets.

Whether you have a significant construction contract, an extension or renovation, or you are excavating for a new pool, there is no job too big or too small. We can offer you the service and expertise required for your job, both in the city and regional areas. 

Orbital prides itself on its ability to problem-solve issues or provide alternative solutions to ensure your project is completed on time without damage to essential services. We have developed a reputation for success in all aspects of underground utility location.

Once we have visited your site, you can be assured that every effort has been made to locate all services and limit the risk of damage during excavation. Orbital is committed to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

  • Saving property and saving lives

    People don’t consider the location of our underground assets until we peer into the hole we just dug and wonder what we just dug through. Now try to explain to your neighbour why his phone doesn’t work and probably won’t for some time or, what the smell is, as you have just carved your way […]