CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV pipe inspection is primarily used to determine the condition of underground conduits. This equipment collects photographic and video footage of defects and obstructions and we provide detailed reporting of findings. Orbital can provide CCTV inspection services that comply with the Water Service Association of Australia codes for 100mm up to the largest conduits. Our reports can be used for pre and post-construction requirements for build-over applications.

Tractor cameras can also be used to assist with locating pipes, chambers, gullies and maintenance covers that are concealed on the surface. This equipment works in tandem with our EMF locating equipment to pinpoint any defect or obstruction so that the repair can be carried out from above ground by excavation, or below ground utilising water jetting, with the minimum of disruption. Additionally, our camera can be used to enter a confined space that would normally require workers to enter, so this is a safer way to gather any information you require.