Fault Finding

One of the most common issues with underground power installations is when a fault develops that either trips the circuit breaker or completely fries the cable. Either way, without fault location, a new cable has to be pulled through the conduit but this isn’t always possible and that means an entirely new conduit and cable need to be installed. Similar issues occur with communications cables and these repairs can be extremely costly.

Fault finding techniques allow us to pinpoint the location of the fault and repair the cable at the point of failure. This causes less disruption, quicker repair, and a cheaper solution when compared to the traditional solutions to these problems.

Our Equipment

Our RD8100M locater is capable of locating conductor to ground faults caused by damaged cable sheaths. This process is known as Fault Finding and uses specific fault-find signals applied to the target.

An ‘A-frame’ accessory is used to locate cable sheath faults on power and communication cables.