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Confined Space Access

Confined spaces pose unique risks as they are usually not designed for people to work in.

They can have poor ventilation, which allows dangerous conditions to quickly develop, especially if the space is restricted. In addition, deadly gases are invisible and may be contained at the bottom of a confined space because they are heavier that air. This means that you won’t know they exist until it’s too late and could result in a worker being rendered unconscious and in need of rescue without another worker becoming endangered by entering the space.

Without training and the required equipment, it is impossible to rescue someone before incapacitation and death.

Confined spaces also pose a risk of containing explosive gases and biohazardous environments.


Our Qualifications and Equipment

Orbital staff are trained and certified to raise permits and enter confined spaces for the purpose of carrying out service location work, or for any other reasons, that you may need someone to carry out work in one of these hazardous environments. We have all the required testing, extraction, recovery and various safety equipment needed to successfully carry out this work. We are also trained to work at heights, as some of our work classifies as both confined space and poses a height safety risk at the same time; such as sewer and stormwater assets.