Saving property and saving lives

Most people, at one time or another, have, or have known someone who has, accidentally broken their mains water pipe. Despite the inconvenience, this is relatively easy to fix, for a plumber, but we all know what that mistake can cost you, especially if you do it on a weekend and that’s when most of us do it.
Now imagine the same scenario, but this time it’s your underground power supply. The consequences now go from inconvenient and costly, to potentially deadly.
Many of us don’€™t consider the location of our underground assets until we peer into the hole we just dug and wonder what we just dug through. Now try to explain to your neighbour why his phone doesn’€™t work and probably won’€™t for some time or, what the smell is, as you have just carved your way through a sewerage pipe.
In addition to this, you may find that, in a climate where water is becoming more scarce and expensive, you are leaking this precious resource into the ground through a broken pipe.