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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is an important aspect of underground service location that is often overlooked. EMF and GPR techniques can give an indication of where assets are, but to obtain a verified three-dimensional location, including important information such as construction materials, conduit/pipe quantities and size, vacuum excavation is essential.

Importantly, many asset owners require vacuum excavation to be carried out as outlined in their duty of care statements. Please contact us for more information in regard to this.

By combining pressurised water and a high flow rate of fast-moving air, sections of soil, sand, and dirt are cleared and removed in a controlled and non-destructive flow. The slurry of soil and water is sucked through a tube into our waiting sucker truck debris tank ready to be taken offsite.

Non-destructive digging is perfect for an excavation project that requires you to work around buried utilities and underground infrastructures like sewer lines, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication, water pipes and more.


Our Equipment

We offer a range of sucker trucks with waste holding capabilities of 3,000L up to 8,000L to assist on a range of your hydro excavation projects. Modern, high quality and safety compliant, the heart of our fleet is our Vermeer trailer and truck-mounted excavators.

Regular inspections and servicing of our equipment ensure optimal levels of performance and safety to ultimately ensure that our non-destructive digging services are delivered to a high standard, within your timeframe.